The Escapist Coloring Club – April 2020

Bucket list
Combat stress
Adult coloring
Fun n’er contest

Different month
Desire vanish
Good intentions
Time restrictions

Month April
Follow thru hopeful
Dollar Store purchase
Who’d have thought
Super Fancy Glam Purse

Color page chosen before (2)

Color page after period of time (2)

Begin yesterday
Start to finish
Six days color away
Hope finish not delay
Wish me luck – okay!

The Escapist Coloring Club – April 2020







7 thoughts on “The Escapist Coloring Club – April 2020

    1. Hi Linda – I did finish the updated version on the 30th then took a few pictures. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling that well – spent little time on WP and overlooked the deadline. This morn I tried to submit the pic 3 times with no success so tried the May’s address which did work. I’m glad this is fun and not a work project. 🙂


    1. Thank you. I did finish it before the end of the month then took a couple of pictures. Friday feeling a bit under the weather I failed to post the updated progress. Today I tried 3 times to pingback to April with no success. I was able to connect it to May’s address. This month I think I’ll use markers instead of the colored pencils. Thanks again for the positive wishes. 🙂


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