Counting Dots – Connecting Dots

Approximately a week ago I counted the dots beneath my computer’s homepage


A perfectionist a recount proved ‘thirty-three’ exact correct choices from which to pick. 

Many of those pages had ‘three’ different selections – point and click.

A high percentage of articles found were ’bout pros ‘n cons –  facts ‘n opinions – 

enough reads each morn to turn a healthy person into state of emotionally sick.

A wise decision many made was to limit time on social media and use their creativity

to participate in fun ideas far from the world’s picture bleak.

One day post-pandemic perhaps the ‘real’ truth will prevail and intelligent humans

blessed with common sense will then connect the dots and color the images

within them. 

Stay safe! Keep faith!





Fibbing Friday: May 22nd 2020

1. How big was the one who got away?
Ans: Unknown – centipede with all its’ segmented legs sped away before I could bring
out my ruler.

2. What comes after a storm?
Ans: Beautiful weather, a catastrophic mess to clean up and can’t forget those
bouquets of flowers – an expression to convey ‘sorry’ following argument(s).

3. Why do fish swim?
Ans: To avoid walking on the ocean floor/if camouflaged easy way to catch prey

4. What colour is grass?
Ans: Dark green if maintained well and shade of brown if exposed to high temps
and lack of water

5. What’s over the hill?
Ans: A huge surprise (positive or negative) for certain

6. What is the color of money?
Ans: Varies country-to-country and can’t forget words / markings people
pen on bills with their permanent markers 

7. What do goats, pigs and roosters have in common?
Ans: Annoying habits 

8. Who lives in the woods?
Ans: Bambi

9. What does an ill wind bring?
Ans: Bad vibes/news for some – others benefit from and a computer freeze for me. 

10. What is a windfall?
Ans: A lottery win over $600 which requires a trip to Lottery headquarters /
can’t cash at supermarkets nor convenience stores

Fibbing Friday: May 22nd 2020

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello bloggers . . . 

Yesterday I answered the questions posed to me as a nominee and thanked sweet

‘Sadje’ at Keepitalive for nominating me.

I promised I’d think up 11 new questions overnight. 

Here goes:

1. Are blog stats of great importance to you?

2. Do you believe in ‘happily ever after’ in today’s world?

3. Which do you prefer a. Kindle reader –  b. old fashioned newspaper?

4. During a visit to your home what ‘one’ item would most surprise me?

5. Do you prefer to utilize daily prompts, enter in monthly challenges or
write whatever you choose?

6. Are you a video game player?

7. Do you find interaction with ‘virtual’ friends to be a positive, 
negative or mixed-feelings experience?

8. In recent years have you dabbled in new hobbies – some which may 
interfere with allotted time for writing?

9. Do you compare yourself to others or continue to be happy with who
you are? 

10. In a supermarket do you prefer to utilize the self-checkout stations?

11. Are you pro or con with regard to home schooling?

Ah, the questions I scribbled on note paper at 2:25 a.m. have now been typed for you.

I have ‘two’ slight problems though. 

1. Some of the bloggers you nominated are in the same circle as mine ‘blogging
friends’. Does the original host wish each of us to nominate different bloggers?

2. I have to learn how to create a hyperlink – imagine! I did read instructions prior
to accessing my site. Perhaps one of our friends can be of assistance here. Thank 
you in advance. 

Much Love . . . June

sunshine-blogger award

The Sunshine Blogger Award



The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello fellow Bloggers . . .

I thank Sadje over at ‘Keepitalive’ for nominating me for this award.

This morning after more than a week’s hiatus from writing I found the invite in 

my notifications. 

Her questions were as follows:

1. What is your favorite time of the day?
Ans: I enjoy the afternoon as it’s time to relax a bit before prepping dinner for one. 

2.  How strict are you with yourself, regarding health?
Ans: At present my exercise regimen is now revamped for my age and I continue
to eat more healthy foods rather than junk food.

3. Do you follow back a blogger who follows you? 
Ans: I make a sincere attempt unless the blogger’s posts are biased or contents
hold little interest.
Bloggers I’ve befriended are ones who write posts on topics I enjoy reading.
NOTE: On occasion I found and followed some who didn’t reciprocate in follow back.

4. How do you deal with criticism in real life?
Ans: I listen, reflect on what was said to me or about me and refuse to indulge
in argumentative differences of opinion; however, I have been known to speak
my mind on occasion.

5. How do you deal with criticism in the blogging world?
Ans: I don’t mind constructive criticism; however, I consider my blog ‘mine’.
If a person has nothing nice to comment than I think it best the person move
along to read another’s post (no need to be rude).

6. Any ideas about how we can turn the current situation to our advantage?
Ans: Presently where I reside this Monday was Phase 1 of reopening the state.
The media has made us aware of facts and created an overabundance of fear
these past few months.
I dislike the new norm but will abide by rules for safety of myself and others.

7. Are you a dessert person?
Ans: Yes, dessert was always served after family dinners. In recent years
I don’t always partake as much nor bake all those high-calorie cakes, pies
and special desserts.

8. What colors do you like to wear?
Ans: Pastels (orchid and pink) – prefer fabric with small prints

9. What color décor do you like around you, in your home?
Ans: Soft colors rather than brights

10. What is your favorite place to write from?
Ans: I do most of my writing on the laptop located on the computer desk.

11. Do you like getting blogging awards?
Ans: I think ‘yes’ since most people like to feel appreciated and enjoy the
recognition. Also I think the awards should be designated for those who
deserve them (not a friend-to-friend basis).

Thank you Sadje for  nominating me. I appreciate your kindness. 

As I have to sign-off shortly to attend a Webinar I shall post the logo

as directed and think of whom to nominate plus 11 new questions


sunshine-blogger award

The Sunshine Blogger Award


SoCS – May 9th 2020

Prompt: cave

Man cave
Solitude retreat wink
Interesting design think

Location cave
Den or basement indoors
Garage possible shed outdoors

Place pursue hobbies
Cigarettes smoke – beer drink
N’er complaints flatulence stink

Liken to female’s sewing room
Crafts handmade void interference
Cup coffee – glass wine – man cave similar reference

man cave - 2 (2)

SoCS: May 9th 2020

Beautiful Haven of Books

Hometown library – a beauty
Days pass – visitors miss thee

The small women’s book club
Meeting of the friends’ circle

Kindle readers ‘n tablets okay
Prefer select reads old-fashion way

Search catalog – locate desired aisle section
Left to right eyes seek n’find numerical selection

Be e’er so happy life normalcy return
Distance two blocks walk find fun reads ‘n learn

Author - Book - Edits - Purchase (2)

Dennis the Menace Comic Strip

Cartoon character
Section daily newspaper

Dennis the Menace debut 1951
Always laugh reading column

Life ’50s simpler times
Think back low percentage crimes

Walk to school, play outdoors
Children receive allowance for doing chores

Unfathomable several decades gradual progress
Entitlement, lies, deceit contribute world’s mess

Reality multitude media’s hyped events
One day sort out hindsight 20/20 reflect

Boldly stated present-day world dislikes rules adhere
Social distance ‘ n masks requirements enjoy fresh air

Take me back to good old days for an instant replay
Fav cartoon cute ‘n innocent though naughty laugh per day

What Day Is It Anyway? Monday May 4th 2020

Today was one of those days gal awakened on the late side.

The norm for this retiree in recent times has been to access the laptop for a short

period following taking my thyroid medication and required 8 ounces of 

water on an empty stomach.

I don’t bother to read all the hyped media articles rather I check for newly

posted reads within my hometown (town I reside in) groups on Facebook.

New post:

My state’s governor has ‘mandated’ wearing facial masks beginning May 6th or

face a fine of $300 for first offense.

This post created quite a stir of comments ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of why now. 

The following comment led to some chuckles from members – it made perfect sense.

“Forcing people to wear masks 2 months into a Pandemic is like putting on a

condom after she’s pregnant.”

Phone rang – my daily reassurance ‘check if I’m okay’ call.

Before I had time to prep some breakfast another phone call from a man I dated

for a few years on a platonic basis.

Ah,  more chit-chat about the world crisis from a mature individual who collects


Needless to say I got a late start on my ‘to do’ list.

The third call of the day was from my son who resides overseas. 

I love his upbeat ‘optimistic’ calls then wonder if I’ll ever see him face-to-face


Nearing dinner time I doubt I’ll finish all those tasks and have to add them to

tomorrow’s list. 

Along with the setting sun comes the feeling of loneliness again.

So many people complain and me well I think how nice it would be to have

another person to dine with and share intelligent conversation across the

dinner table.

At my age with the world upside down I resigned myself to the fact the likelihood

of a new companion is out of the future’s picture.

Now tis time for me to move along and update my reading progress over at Goodreads.

Hoping with tomorrow I’ll find poetic desire – today it was lost somewhere between

the phone calls for which I’m thankful.

What Day Is It Anyway? Monday May 4th 2020