SoCS: May 2, 2020

Prompt: directions

Spray screen from 6 – 8 inches away
Require usage lint-free cloths store display

Container bottle four fluid ounces
Satisfaction – renew later date announces

Good idea clean work computer screens
Few moments task each day become routine

Bottle read 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
Purchase packaged supply for home computer ‘n TV

SoCS: May 2, 2020

The Escapist Coloring Club – April 2020

Below please find my submission for the month of April (started late).

The usage of colored pencils takes quite a bit of time to cover in the picture.

I tried to stay within the lines (LOL) and relied on my lighted magnifying glass.

Ageism has its tribulations and I need new reading glasses (hopeful soon) unless

I  could find a method to color long distance.

Color page chosen before (2)Color page after period of time (2)ESC 2 (2)

The Escapist Coloring Club – April 2020