The Escapist Coloring Club – April 2020

Below please find my submission for the month of April (started late).

The usage of colored pencils takes quite a bit of time to cover in the picture.

I tried to stay within the lines (LOL) and relied on my lighted magnifying glass.

Ageism has its tribulations and I need new reading glasses (hopeful soon) unless

IΒ  could find a method to color long distance.

Color page chosen before (2)Color page after period of time (2)ESC 2 (2)

The Escapist Coloring Club – April 2020

9 thoughts on “The Escapist Coloring Club – April 2020

    1. That is a good idea only no small children live with me. My great-grandchildren live in other portions of US. The cute book caught my eye in The Dollar Tree store awhile ago (only one left).


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