SoCS – May 9th 2020

Prompt: cave

Man cave
Solitude retreat wink
Interesting design think

Location cave
Den or basement indoors
Garage possible shed outdoors

Place pursue hobbies
Cigarettes smoke – beer drink
N’er complaints flatulence stink

Liken to female’s sewing room
Crafts handmade void interference
Cup coffee – glass wine – man cave similar reference

man cave - 2 (2)

SoCS: May 9th 2020

2 thoughts on “SoCS – May 9th 2020

    1. Hello…
      Thanks for the nomination.
      I’ve been on hiatus from blogging and just read your message.
      I took down your questions and hopefully will have answers for you sooner rather than later.
      Thank you for thinking of me. 🙂 🙂


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