Death of a Child – Heartbreaking

June 25th – year 1995
Age 28 – too young to die

Daughter’s three-day ICU stay
Prayed, cried – reality God-awful day

Final tests taken Mother recalls
Results received inhouse hospital call

Nurses’ station stand listened intently
Aware eyes on me curious watch reaction relentlessly

Somehow managed though difficult hold composure
Return room – shut door – punch walls – scream – no Lord!

A quarter century ago life changed for numerous loved ones
To date we think, we cry, we miss you – days even feelings numb

Moments in time on Earth smile, recollect with pride so special
Today as usual I pray you’re dancing in Heaven amidst all the Angels



Tick Tock – Sounds of the Clock

Today’s travels

Worldwide web sites

Dreadful informative ugh – sigh

Enjoyment places happiness – delights

Welcome family member’s lengthy phone call

Walked required distance logged for daily exercise afterall

Before sunny daylight turn into darkness night

Preparation healthy dinner cuisine to-do list highlight

Unfortunate morning blogging notes ‘n thoughts on hold

Timespan writing warmth turn bittersweet ice-cube cold

Countdown days three-two-one remembrance saga learn daughter ne’er grow old





Personal Social Media Trail

I find it quite interesting when the first post on one’s daily newsfeed is a share counting

backwards the previous 10 years.

Who knew?

Posts this day – personal social media a decade stored to review.

Memory lane – 3 years ago – stressed and overwhelmed:

If it feels wrong – DON’T do it!

Don’t try to be a ‘people pleaser’.

And don’t be afraid to say ‘NO’.

Stay away from drama and negativity.

From time to time just stop to ‘breathe’.

Accept that you ‘can’t’ control everything.

Never speak bad about yourself. 

Love 🙂

After careful review of the above list I realized ‘yes’ I’d changed during

the past few years. 

I previously was my own worst critic – not anymore though.