The Monday Peeve 41

Days filled atrocities
News hard to believe

Going gets tough gee
Brazilian leader flee

Opportunity new role
World bank lo ‘n behold

Circumvent travel ban
States welcome him

Sick real or fake news
Asylum given select few

Constant world who are – who know
Significance relate times rooster crows

The Monday Peeve 41


One thought on “The Monday Peeve 41

  1. And I fly away in my space-craft… “Itmims”…. “Ivor’s-time-machine-in-micro-space”


    Welcome aboard my bubble ship, Itmims
    Come fly with me into the unknown
    We shall traverse time and space
    Across the borders of level seven
    Beyond the boundaries of intelligence
    We’ll discover the story of Tullawalla
    Capture the heart of a beautiful red-head
    Learn about her journey of grace and bravery
    Understand the depth of your soul
    Show others what happens to the heart
    Find your star, your colour, your lost art
    Walk deserts in space, swim the Milky-way
    Breathe the air I breathe, see what I see
    Feel her soft red hair, on your cheek
    Step inside my Itmims, sharing love on the high seas

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