Death of a Child – Heartbreaking

June 25th – year 1995
Age 28 – too young to die

Daughter’s three-day ICU stay
Prayed, cried – reality God-awful day

Final tests taken Mother recalls
Results received inhouse hospital call

Nurses’ station stand listened intently
Aware eyes on me curious watch reaction relentlessly

Somehow managed though difficult hold composure
Return room – shut door – punch walls – scream – no Lord!

A quarter century ago life changed for numerous loved ones
To date we think, we cry, we miss you – days even feelings numb

Moments in time on Earth smile, recollect with pride so special
Today as usual I pray you’re dancing in Heaven amidst all the Angels



8 thoughts on “Death of a Child – Heartbreaking

  1. Very touching there is nothing more to say except the love you had for her continues every day!
    You are a sweet lady and mother, bless you.

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  2. This is so hauntingly and beautifully written. I found it in my search for blogger parents and people who have lost a child like me. I’m glad I found you, and I’m sorry anyone has to experience this.

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    1. Thank you for the nice compliment with regard to my post. Today I finally accessed your site to discover your loss is so fresh compared to mine. I love the posts you’ve written celebrating your daughter’s life. She was such a beautiful girl full of energy and love. Parents should never have to experience the grief – loss of a child. Please stay in touch. LTY . . . June


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