SoCS: July 11th 2020

Today’s prompt: first pic followed by song

Yesterday when I read this prompt I looked at an incoming cell phone message

from an app I’ve been a member of for over two years. 

A new broadcaster who is up and coming on the app daily sings country music 

in his video clips. 

I attempted to find an appropriate song on YouTube only I find I need to learn much

more than how to transfer as I listened to the tune I wished only no idea as to how 

to stop more songs. 

Rather than delete this post I shall allow viewers to listen to “Like a Cowboy”

and turn off the remainder of songs. 

Technology is far from easy – once you learn the correct pathways you’re 

all set. 

More research – more how DIYs – not enough time to keep up and learn all 


I shall continue to remain positive as I seek out the answers to questions. 

SoCS: July 11th 2020