Affirmations – Gotta Love Them!

Beautiful thoughts flee
Whene’er faced negative news
Combativeness mode
Mindset react choose daily
Positive thoughts picture sketch

The above Tanka poem reflects a newsfeed post shared by a friend (published
The writer who penned the message from which I shall re-type excerpts
 remained ‘anonymous’. Albeit many share his/her sentiments.

I’m sick of Covid-19.
I’m sick of black vs. white.
I’m sick of Democrats vs. Republicans.
I’m sick of gay vs. straight.
I’m REALLY sick of the media.
I’m sick of those blaming the world for the sins of a few.
Etc., etc.

We’re one race – the human race. We All Matter!!

Support whatever politician you wish = your choice.
Believe in God = your choice.
Desire to believe in magical creatures that fly around and sprinkle fairy dust

(fine – awesome).

BUT why not be mature enough to deal with the fact that everyone doesn’t
have the same mindset.

We are individuals (unique) so please be a decent human being and
realize it’s okay when another chooses not to agree with you!!





The Monday Peeve No: 44

Today’s prompt: stream

Since forever when I heard the word ‘stream’ I thought of water.

I was totally confused the first time I heard it in reference

to the entertainment world.

Who knew?

The adjective ‘continuous’ best describes the ‘flow’ of both. 

Moving on . . .

I wonder if a high percentage of people prefer today’s tablets.

Although the lighting of the screen is good for reading, I still like to hold

a book, place a pretty bookmark between the pages where I left off and 

be able to earmark pages and highlight sentences or paragraphs for

future reference. 

Moving on . . .

The world of Acronyms –  dislike them – period (.) exclamation point (!)

Oh so fun to come across one of them – three letters and no idea the actual

meaning thereof.

Who on earth can remember all of them?

Add to the above those cute little or sometimes larger in size ’emojis’.

I’ve  discovered many of them aren’t in sync across all branches of

social media.

Talk about the tech generation politely – a bucket full of confusion and


Final thought:

Blogging can be somewhat amusing and quite interesting.

I managed to forget my original topic for today’s rant = cell phones.

The Monday Peeve No: 44



SoCS: July 11th 2020

Today’s prompt: first pic followed by song

Yesterday when I read this prompt I looked at an incoming cell phone message

from an app I’ve been a member of for over two years. 

A new broadcaster who is up and coming on the app daily sings country music 

in his video clips. 

I attempted to find an appropriate song on YouTube only I find I need to learn much

more than how to transfer as I listened to the tune I wished only no idea as to how 

to stop more songs. 

Rather than delete this post I shall allow viewers to listen to “Like a Cowboy”

and turn off the remainder of songs. 

Technology is far from easy – once you learn the correct pathways you’re 

all set. 

More research – more how DIYs – not enough time to keep up and learn all 


I shall continue to remain positive as I seek out the answers to questions. 

SoCS: July 11th 2020


Prayer – Religion – Over the Years

These days I rarely utilize my computer during evening hours.

I’ve grown tired of all the hype and fear instilled within thanks to social media.

The news app on my cell phone constantly dings with near 100 percent negative


Windows 10 updated and ‘Hello’ a new challenge with more decision-making


This morn I downloaded a pic of a beautiful crocheted granny square only

to discover hours later I’m unable to proceed as ‘I wish’.

It’s evident I’m in control of zilch at this point until I piece together yet

another puzzle.

I’ve come to the conclusion life known ‘n created now phase non-existence.

I don’t understand!! 

Little makes sense anymore.

I ponder thoughts:

Better to safeguard wholesome feelings still within ‘heart’

Settle ‘good try’ leave incomplete unfulfilled dream ‘depart’

Seek new direction versus continue move forward ‘restart’

Mirror reflections tenure life ne’er consider self be ‘quitter’

Troublesome times worldwide persona creation ’embitter’

Conclusion – pen words persevere forward personal ‘transmitter’

As a reader you may wonder how the contents of this post relate to the title.

The story began with an innocent young girl’s desire to join and participate

in Catechism class.

At registration she was handed a form which required her parents’ permission.

Returning home with much anticipation for the signature to learn Catholicism 

she found herself face-to-face with negativity void of explanation. 

Answer: ‘NO!’

Although she wasn’t allowed to attend weekly CCD class, she proceeded each 

week to dress in her Sunday best and attend Mass. 

Who knew??

One day many years later, married with children of her own, she’d be teaching 

religion from her home to young students.

That girl was ‘ME’.

Although life’s circumstances changed in recent years (not for the better), I’ll

continue to maintain my beliefs until I no longer exist here on Earth and can

rest in God’s arms. 





Stairway to Heaven – Beauty beyond Belief

Reflect back personal life assessment
True-to-life dreams sudden omnipresent

Loved ones gone many years before me
Decide while asleep appear awake faces see

Twenty minutes notes taken from memory
Certain future make for quite interesting story

So many signs – so many repetitive numbers
Honestly scared to rest my head to slumber

Strange happenings finding rather creepie
Message to self early turnoff creepie-peepies

Hot cup of tea ‘n good book to read choice
Hopeful able prevent more nightmarish voices

Wonder reasons attribute dream remembrances
Alternative be heaven-sent messages significances

This morn this poem I wrote untold facts between lines
Notebook status storage space private thoughts self mine