The Monday Peeve – 51

Back from a brief hiatus, I didn’t want to cop out and not post thus ‘peevery’

is my blog contribution on this last day of August.

Be thankful – count your blessings!!

I continually tried to keep a positive attitude amidst constant chaos these past

months (nearing 1/2 year now) with no real back to old norm in clear sight.

I’m aware many have adapted to this new way of living – me, I dislike it immensely. 

A resident of a 17-unit apartment complex is the pits!!

Imagine all your life (gal here is 73) always helping others – volunteering your services

and due to a myriad of circumstances suddenly you’re alone – with little choice

other than fend for yourself.

Never did I dream I’d wind up spending the last chapter of my life void of a husband,

unable to visit with my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

For many these are circumstances (myself inclusive) forced to face due to the present

health crisis and living distance from family members.

Phone calls are nice only actual face-to-face visitations and hands-on assistance 

would be most welcome and beneficial.

It’s a sad, sad reality. Thank you Covid-19.

Yes, you remind me of the devil lurking around every corner waiting to

attack some innocent person. 

A little self-admission:.

I’ve been driven (not via automobile) to seek recommendations for a 

cleaning service since I’m no longer capable of moving the heavy 


No, I’m  not looking forward to absolute strangers and their

do-your-work for you paid services.

Back to the laundry issue – two washers and two dryers for 17 units.

Besides too few machines it’s hard finding quarters to feed these machines.

Why?  Banks in my locale are still closed and ATMs don’t spit out coins.

Luckily today I was able to do two loads of laundry after putting off the task 

over a week.

A little reminiscing ’bout college days.

Thankful tonight I have a fresh clean towel for my shower straight from a dryer.

Why I managed to close this post on a positive note after spurting out an abundance

of negatives.


The Monday Peeve No: 51