Frustration 101

The past few days have been draining on me.

It began when my account on a popular video app was placed in parental controls.

What does that mean?

I have lost many privileges and any videos I make are private mode.

Lovely, all my videos (solo or duets) have been 100% respectable.

The problem: It appears when I signed on I accidentally scrolled the date of birth

and failed to double-check before submission of my profile info.

This is where the situation becomes hilarious!

My age is listed as (1) which of course is impossible; however, by all accounts

I’m now a popular genius with 3K fans.

And so with a little assistance from my daughter – a complaint on a different

app where creators’ group interacts they all know my true age (73).

No, I never feigned my age to anyone – the filters are cheap plastic surgery.

Followers thought I was in my 50s – a compliment when I did an age reveal

video earlier this year.

Thus far the problem on the overseas’ app is not fixed.

And I’m not the only one experiencing this type of problem. Phew!

What to do?

For now, I created another account with the old name when I first joined.

No longer will I be known as the grandma to my famous granddaughter.

It’s not a big deal (either / or) whatever transpires in the future.

So yesterday I spent with the world of technology – creating new passwords

for several social media accounts thanks to stored passwords now undone.

Next came a full delete and restart to my cellphone – talk about a pain in the


Finally finished with all this Tech inconvenience today I find over here I’ve

more to learn / changeover.

At this point (Thursday) I wish to run away only there’s nowhere to go since

the Canadian border is closed and that’s where I’d truly like to vacation.

So now I’ll go on my merry way and tackle some meaningless chore.

To those of you who still have a partner (spouse or companion) remember

to appreciate and love them for who they are.

Life is promised to no individual and one never knows how quickly their

life can change in a moment of time.

Take care – smile – be happy!!