Hilarious Monday

“Good Morning Kid-dos . . .
Today is August 26th 2025.”

“Welcome to class Corniverus.”

“Starting off with role call
When I state your name YELL!
Let me know if you’re here – OK.”

Teacher’s roster and comments:

Clorox – okay

Charmin – I C-ya.

Corona – gotcha

Covid – – gotcha

Covid Lee – Thank you.

Corona with a K – very cute

Covid with a K – all right

Pandemica – very pretty

Purell – K

Quarantina – That’s a cute name.

Social ‘n Distance – You’re twins – that’s cool.

And virus – okay

Teacher finishes role call and asks:

“Did I miss anybody?

A young man raises his hand.

Teacher asks: “What’s your name?”

Response: “Joe – Joe Exotic”

Teacher: “All right, I’ll write your name down here.”

Welcome back!!

Blogosphere: “It’s official – I’ve lost my mind – too much isolation!”