Truthful Tuesday – September 8th 2020

Today’s question:

Why did you start blogging, and is your reason for blogging
still the same now or has it changed?

Writing and grammar rated second on my list of favorites in high school and college.

My love for financial figures won out. Throughout my career working with numbers on

occasion I was asked to write business letters, etc.

Once retired I took a free Journalism class offered by a local newspaper. The editor read

my first homework assignment ‘Pizza Eating Ants’ to the entire class.

I was e’er thankful I’d secured a seat upfront that evening thus a room full of strangers

were unable to see my slightly tan face slowly turning blushing beet red.

Interject fact: ‘By nature I am quite shy until you get to know me.’

In 2017 I took to blogging after a breakup and found it to be quite therapeutic.

A relationship which I thought was blossoming ended on a sour note due to

the man’s chronic depressed state brought on by his drug-addicted son’s


Since then many of my posts have been in response to prompt challenges and

enjoyment found writing Japanese poetry.