Cell Phone Apps – Person’s Personality

Facts I read on the internet:

Cell phone apps generate revenue of one hundred eighty nine (189) billion dollars.

The Google Play store is the largest app seller with 2.8 million apps offered for

Android users.

The Apple App store follows in second place with 2.2 million apps available.

For fun I counted the apps installed on my newest cell phone = exactly 66.

Of those 4 are health / fitness apps, two relate to writing along with three others

that posts here can connect via social media if I desire to share them.

There’s one lonely video game, the Roblox game ‘Fashion Famous’, a news channel,

three video creator apps, a few shopping apps and I can’t forget Pinterest where a

person can spend oodles of time searching thru various crafts and more.

The remainder are what one considers necessities or onboard from when phone

was purchased and useful at times – you know the phone and text type.

It appears by overseeing my choices I am a gal who likes to stay informed of what

happens around the world, still has interest in the fitness field, likes to check out

sales at stores, enjoys writing and keeping with life’s interests still loves creativity.

Although I’m not exactly rating myself as this exercise was for fun, I rather think of

myself as well-rounded for a person my age.

Now to check what apps are installed on my older phone – likely some same and

some different.