Excerpts from Morning News – OMG

For years I subscribed to the local newspaper until the cost increased several times
(way too pricey) and majority of we folk took to reading articles on our computers.

Today started like many other with my thyroid medication and a full 8 ounce glass
of water.

For the next 30 minutes to an hour (time suggested not to partake in nourishment)
I read excerpts from news articles as follows:

Across the state border in the capitol of the smallest state in the union teachers
were protesting back-to-school conditions.

In disbelief I read how there were crumbs from March still on desks and mouse
droppings waxed over on floors. Ick!

The fans blow in dirt from the outside and there is a breakdown in
communication with parents. Ugh!

The public library in the same state located in a prominent small historic
oceanside town had opened its’ doors to the Public. Nice!

Moving on an article about a detention center down south caught my eye.

An OBGYN has been accused of performing hysterectomies on detainees
without their consent. The same physician fined years previously paid
out a six-figure settlement. Really??

Next and last before I left the news page was an article about two parties’
involved in a trademark infringement countersuit. If the second party
had agreed to pay the first party $10 million no legal action would have
been undertaken. Uumm!

It seems by all appearances the way to earn big money of late is to sue
another for whatever.

Off to check on the out-of-control deadly wildfires out west in states of
California, Washington state and Oregon.

Deaths, massive destruction, unhealthy air spreading to East coast and
a picture which resembles Hell, the place of perpetual fire for evil souls.

As I reread what I typed for this post with the exception of the re-opening
of the library all news is of negative nature.

I think tomorrow I shall begin a new regimen similar to when I worked
and refrain from accessing the computer early morn.

You wake up refreshed (if not an insomniac) and within an hour’s time
your mood has changed to either semi or full-blown depressed thanks
to news you read. Imagine!