World Mental Health Day – 2020

What's wrong??

Genetics 'n circumstances
Resulted in GAD diagnosis  
A daily force to reckon with 
No, I didn't ask for 'emphasis'

Fourteen years psychotherapy
Ne'er erase true past events
Leavings years of faithfulness
Still incapable if e'er circumvent

This morning's start was accompanied by a strange sensation foreign to me.
A state of extreme calmness left me wondering what's ahead - like little
mattered anymore.

I accessed Facebook and read two posts = sad medical situations written
by friends of friends.

Numb to it all 

I guess the one word 'support' something lacking within my personal life at
the present time has impacted me somehow. 

I feel like a weed - no more flower. Faced with my own medical issues to be
addressed next week I felt no desire to place usual encouraging words. 

Over a period of time I've joined groups, shared info and interacted with 
numerous members, people who've experienced similar hardships, people 
who actually understand. 

What happened to my compassion and empathy for others?? 

Could it be I'm having a bad day?? 

Who knew it was World Mental Health Day??

I discovered first thru a post that appeared in the Reader then I
followed up with a double-check on the internet and 'yes' tis true.


SoCS – October 10th – Medium

Yesterday's take on medium:

Nostalgic flashbacks days frequented craft stores...
pattern sizes small, medium, large plus XL unforeseen
suggested fabric selections and required notions finish
awesome cheap price tags clothing sewn by seamstress, me.

Change-after-change personal life past decades near three
Daily combat emotional escape unwanted intrusive negatives 
thought process address different definition prompt medium
noun description material used by an artist or writer, me.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 10/2020