All That’s Left is Memories

Days Autumn’s beauty
Documents shredded dreams gone
Don’t compare your life
Decisions circumstances
Dark-side depression abate

I should be preparing dinner rather I chose to read few fellow bloggers’ posts.
My chosen reads triggered nostalgic memories.
Oh, those intrusive thoughts!!

Autumn’s extremely colorful fall foliage
Columbus Day weekend’s 4-day camping vacation each year
Breath-taking views amidst the White Mountains
Days full abundance sunshine followed by cool, crisp starry nights

A song from the year I walked down the aisle
Thoughts of forever love
Appreciate the one who loves you and does her best to please you

Encompassed lonely feeling difficult to escape these days / nights

Last an acrostic poem ’bout what we in states call jelly doughnuts
Teen years – consuming three of them plus a vanilla frappe before class

The power of words!!

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