MLMM – Wordle #210

Today’s words: fold – jittery – strapless – dining room – kitten – capacious – roister –
elbows – doe – low – blind – witty

A beautiful young woman, jittery as a kitten, sat in the dining room of The
Weeping Mandolin Restaurant waiting for her blind-date’s arrival.

Anxious, the gal’s facial expression was overcome with a doe-eyed look as she
continued to fidget with the contents of her capacious purse.

Suddenly she stopped and began to fold and unfold the same cloth napkin

while trying hard not to allow her elbows to touch the table.

Thirty minutes later handsome Harry roistered into the restaurant’s lobby
arm-in-arm with a much younger babe wearing a gaudy strapless dress.

Was it him? No, it couldn’t be him! That would be such a low blow to any

genuine woman’s ego.

His explanation, a witty remark blaming his secretary for the date night mix-up.


Feelings of exasperation overwhelmed her yet she proceeded to exit the
restaurant in a lady-like manner.

A Bot – Love Computer Tech

Finally I had the opportunity to research ‘bot’ – a computer creation – a simulation of
an actual human user on some popular apps.

Their comments are usually far-fetched in content and often laughable. They add to
one’s fan base.

There’s even different types: web crawlers – chat room bots and malicious ones.
Who knew??

Obvious one shut my account down for being a toddler genius thanks to a DOB

It’s quite easy to make such an error when signing up as scrolling versus typing
in the required info takes less time only the numbers move up and down way
too fast.

Lesson learned: double-check!!

This experience taught me to be extra careful when recording meals on my diet app.
A scrolling error and my daily food intake could double or triple.

Anyway I chose not to give up personal ID info since ‘Beware’ is a word senior
citizens are warned about when asked for such information.

Thus my short videos journey came to a screeching halt. Upon deletion of
followers I somehow had ’49’ remaining – robots obviously assigned to me.

Chuckle! Chuckle! Life is full of numerous idiosyncrasies.