Truthful Tuesday – October 13th 2020

Today’s question: What New Year Traditions, if any, do you observe and will the
current state of things have any bearing on those traditions this coming year?

Thru the years traditions changed from festive parties to outdoor celebrations

reference ‘First Night’ with its huge selection of entertainment, amazing

finely-carved ice sculptures and grand finale display of beautiful fireworks.

As children left the nest a few couples gathered at my countryside home to

partake in a delicious Surf ‘n Turf extravaganza. Following the meal we’d

sit by the fireside chit-chatting sipping champagne awaiting the ball to

drop at Times Square ringing in the New Year.

Nice memories!!

All the above was replaced years later due to age and circumstances.

If fortunate we older folks managed to stay awake until 12:00 a.m.

I guess the one big change is this year I likely will spend the holidays alone.

Virtual replacement is no match for real-life celebrations.