Truthful Tuesday – October 20th

Prompt: questions and answers with regard to DST (Daylight Savings Time)

Do you live in an area that participates in Daylight Savings Time?
Ans: Yes, I do.

Are you glad to live where you do or do you wish you lived somewhere that does
the opposite in regards to DST?

Ans: I’m okay with the what’s known as ‘fall back and spring forward’ – losing or
gaining an hour of daylight.

If correct the state of Arizona doesn’t observe DST and I’d choose to live there due
to discomfort from high humidity in my state (whole different topic).

If my state were to abolish DST would I rather stick to Standard Time (autumn
and winter) or leave DST (spring and summer) in place all year?

Ans: I’ve grown accustomed through the years to the time changeover pattern.
I wonder if it would be a welcome change as the darkness of night passes at a
snail’s pace.

Three Things Challenge #394

Today’s words: cherub – paper – true

Cherub – one
Cherub – two

Children innocent
God-awful predicament

Reminisce ’bout good times
Constant pangs of grief come

Multitude intrusive thoughts
True facts – no way memory block

Audacity present adult conversations
Disbelief person use paper gifted admission

Stationary, envelopes ‘n postage stamps
Sender ne’er e’er become letter recipient