Three Things Challenge #396

Today’s words: meal – crisp – baggage

Crisp shredded lettuce
Salad greens evening meal
Baggage wretch’s burden
Birthday number forty-nine
Fifty-one‘s overshadows

Explanation between the lines (one day I (often unfortunate soul) shall write details).

I gave birth to ‘two’ sons born two years apart on the same date nearly to same minute.

Today is their birthday – one lives abroad since 1997 and one resides in Heaven.

The younger of the two turned ’49’ today.

His last visit home was four years and eight months ago

I planned on sending a nice greeting card this morn.

And then . . .

Windows10 wished to update and calamity began when I chose to schedule it

for later.

It took near an hour from my daily schedule to send that greeting card via e-mail.

Talk about perseverance or should rephrase consistent timing equation unfortunate

technology luck.