SoCS – October 25th

Today’s prompt: medicine

The Runaround

A call to the pharmacy for a refill for one’s medicine is answered by a menu followed

by the caller pressing the proper number for his/her need(s).

Automated systems often promise a person their medicine refill at a certain

date and time.

So far – so good.

Talk about a runaround this week

1. I drove to the pharmacy and stood in line then told medicine not available.

2 . Two days later the automated system stated still ‘working on it’.

3. Several days later I learned this medicine was on backorder.

4. Frustrated, I called another pharmacy – ‘yes’ that medicine was in stock.

5. I contacted the doctor’s office and explained the situation.

6. In record time I received an incoming call from the second pharmacy

and as luck would have it missed the call and there was no voice message

7. Another call the second pharmacy left me in awe as I was told by an actual human

the medicine refill was placed on hold since my prescription had been filled ‘six’ days

earlier and billed to my insurance company.


The irony: obtaining a refill for my anxiety medicine created more anxiety for me.