Why Am I Here?? I Ask Myself

Today’s submission highlights another numerical square of October’s calendar page. (check)

Recently I received a notification, an anniversary celebration 4 (four) years blogging.

Sadly the followers count appears to place me in the ‘not so popular’ rank / category.

I’ve done my best while dealing with a vast amount of negative circumstances – most

which I chose not to share – as personal info I consider to be private.

I believe we all like to feel we belong somewhere in this vast world only right

now I’m numb.

Every time I join a group the majority of others have a significant other on whom they

can rely.

Since I’m human I can’t help but wonder ’bout all those ‘whys’ with no valid answers.

I feel the need to rethink this goal a bit and decide either to pursue / continue or

quit / give up.

To those bloggers who interact with me and leave nice comments I say ‘Thank you’.

Okay I guess my thoughts are now headed for Blogosphere.

I face the decision to return tomorrow or leave the world of writing over here.

12 thoughts on “Why Am I Here?? I Ask Myself

    1. True, life plays out differently for each of us. The older we become the harder to accept what / whom we no longer have in our life.
      Social isolation nearly 3/4ths this year and media now stating ‘worse’ ahead with ‘no end’ in sight.
      Freezing rain / snow already BEFORE Halloween = treacherous driving.
      Suddenly ‘I found it extremely difficult to turn negatives into positives.
      I think to myself ‘what’s ahead’ and ‘what’s going to happen to me’ =troublesome
      thoughts likely shared by many.
      Thanks for your reply, Paula. I appreciate your feedback. πŸ™‚

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