SoCS: October 31st

Today’s prompt word: trick

Yesterday my eyes played a hilarious trick on me.

I scanned the reminder post and wrote down the words: ‘have fun’.

Nobody likes to read depressing posts and to myself I thought what’s going to be fun

about Halloween 2020.

Earlier today I checked to find fellow bloggers writing about the word ‘trick‘.

How did I not see the correct prompt?

Scrolled too fast ~~ PERHAPS ~~ I laughed at myself.

The realization my desire to write energizer bunny battery had been stuck on low

percentage several days coupled with this IMO hilarious error the idiom

‘took the cake’ crossed my mind.

I’ve been questioning myself ’bout lots of personal stuff this week as how to


Asked the question ‘why don’t I blog for money’ was posed to me by a family


Likely there’s videos on YouTube with suggestions only I didn’t bother to research

Originally I had a goal to publish only midway through I quit due to lack of fictional

content and funds.

One could say, ‘I beat myself up about a goal unfinished which is not nor ever has

been my style’.

I knew I was tired from all the lifestyle changes, the missed opportunities and

most recent the lack of socialization due to the ongoing health crisis.

When you are going through a rough patch or having a bad day, you discover real

friends who encourage you.

For them I’m most grateful (you know who you are) and I send you all a ‘Blessed

Thank you’.

Back to the publishing idea and an international group I belong to on Facebook

Tis like my mind played a ‘don’t feel so bad for yourself’ trick when I accessed

the group after weeks away.

Yesterday’s question posed to the group was in regard to the length of time to

write, edit and actually publish a book.

I was in awe at the responses which ranged from 6 months for a children’s book

to a number of years with one never publishing their book.

The most hilarious answer I read: “My first book took a ‘year’ to write then I hid

it in the cupboard for ‘5 years

Pondering the thought – what led me to the group this Halloween – another mind


On a positive note, perhaps this was more of a treat to help me get back on track.