The Voice – LOL

Scenario: Walmart’s ladies’ restroom

Immediately after closing the stall door a woman heard the voice of

of a complete stranger posing the question: “Are you all right?”

She politely answered: “Yes, I’m fine.”

The female voice responded with another question.

“So what are you up to?”

The lady thought for a moment then replied: “Uumm, I’m trying to handle

a bit of private business.”

Oh goodness, another question (third one) from the voice – an annoyance.

“Can I come over?

In a rather loud tone the woman responds with: “EXCUSE ME!!”

And then a final comment from the voice: “Listen, sorry I’ll have to

call you back; some idiot in the next stall replies to all my questions.”

Chuckle! Chuckle!

NOTE: It appears people take their cell phones anywhere – everywhere.