Monday’s Frustrations

I can’t believe tis nearing noon hour already. I wish night hours flew by at

Nascar speeds.

Ahead lies an issue to resolve: ‘The yearly update of my anti-virus software set on auto-


Fee deducted from bank account (check) – confirmation e-mail (check)

The OMG moment . . .

Pressed the download button – looked up – URL address popped up states

‘not a secure site’.


Ah this should be fun since rarely (especially these days) can you be connected to

and converse with an actual human.

It’s been quite an interesting weekend and today the WP Reader keeps jumping thus

no idea what I’ve missed the last 24 hours.

Before I leave and start the resolution process, I thought I’d share the contents of

a text received on a cell phone only a few have the number thereof.

A job offer:

If interested in employment for this state agency please forward a photo copy

of both sides of three different identification cards listed plus a recent picture of



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