B E C A U S E . . .

2020 Pandemic
Reason disheartened

Tired life’s obstacles
Constants ne’er reach goals

Key success determination
Numbness replace observation

Truth reveal dislike holidays
Experiences life full regrets dismay

Questions unanswered
Situations goals hampered

Alone time reflections
Fruition ne’er thanks him

Classification not perfection
Kindness practice no expectations

Times consider why continue bother
Goals destination definite become harder

Start New Year 2021 approach begin
Quit guarantees naysayers automatic win

Rethink conditions present quandary
Tactfulness proceed dismiss boundaries

Tenure life existence multitude reasons
Hope ‘n prayers ahead worthwhile season

12 thoughts on “B E C A U S E . . .

    1. Thank you Di. Holidays in recent years been a bit tough. This year I received news my son who lives overseas had sudden serious health issues – still unknown long term diagnosis. I had to accept the possibility I’ll never see him face-to-face again. Life for many so unfair. You plan one way and takes different directions. As Americans say, « Another pill to swallow ». Happy New Year to you and your hubbie!! 🎆


      1. So sorry to read about your son. Can you contact him via skype, zoom, or some other visual media though? It’s not the same I know, but I spoke to Bro in NZ on their Christmas morning, and it was wonderful to see him and the family. It really raised my spirits. Keep safe.

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      2. Hi Di. . .
        I spoke to my son New Year’s Day.
        Prognosis good – not 100 percent.
        DVT is scary and only one of the two blockages is dissolving so ‘yes’ I worry.
        Thanks for your kind thoughts. To date we
        correspond via social media and telephone.
        Happy-Healthy New Year 2021!! 🙂


      3. Hubby is on warfarin for life as he suffers from spontaneous DVTs, so I sympathise with your concerns. They take time to dissolve, is he having jabs in the tummy too?
        Hubby has started the new year with his INR in range, so that’s a relief after so many weeks of it being all over the place.
        Take care, and let’s hope the new year is good for all of us.

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      4. I don’t know the name of his prescription anticoagulant. The blockage behind his knee
        started dissolving. The one on the inner thigh
        not yet. He was given the green light to return to work and he can do light to moderate exercise.
        He still has to wear the compression stocking.
        Thankfully he ordered one the color black since the only color available at the start was tannish (not my fav for a man).
        He has complained about having spontaneous
        stomach aches.
        I’m concerned since heart attacks and strokes run in his father’s family.
        At the age of 49 I feel for him especially since he is in the fitness industry.
        It’s hard for me to wrap this whole ordeal around my head since he ate healthy and exercised daily plus participated in numerous
        I guess it’s all in God’s hands.
        I’m trying hard to remain positive only so tired
        of the obstacles faced especially in current health crisis.
        Thanks for taking the time from your busy schedule to write to me.
        I pray 2021 holds the answers and some positivity.
        You and hubbie stay safe.
        At times I don’t know what to make of news articles – what’s real and what’s fake news.


      5. Hubby is on warfarin tablets and has to have regular blood tests to keep him in range (currently between 3 and 4, and he is now 3.1). They tried an alternative medication which didn’t need his blood monitored, but he couldn’t take it. When he has to have a tooth out, or recently surgery, he had to stop the warfarin and had to inject himself in his tummy with clexane. He has been on warfarin for 30 years and manages it very well. He has had a couple of DVTs since, one 3 years ago when we went to my Mums funeral, but that was because we had so many hours in the car as sitting in one position for too long is not good, even though we stopped for breaks and changing drivers often. Hubby wears compression stocking too, and we both exercise by walking because we can do that at our own pace,
        It is a worry I know, but if he is otherwise fit, the DVTs will disperse, it just takes time.

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      6. Thanks for sharing medical info. It’s nice to read that the condition is manageable. I do know my son has to wear a medical ID due to the blood thinner and has to up and walk after a period of time. He’s followed all his physician’s directions – even researching some of those healthier food choices. I believe his next doctor’s appointment is in March. I’m thankful he has an understanding partner and many friends. Moms tend to worry even when we know there’s little we can do other than unconditional love and support.
        It’s great that your husband has done so well throughout the years. It’s said
        behind ever successful man there’s a great
        woman to thank and I can place my bet you’re one good, caring wife. Imagine how another person can read between the lines. Thanks for being ‘you’!


      7. Hope it was of help June. Hubby is used to it, and manages very well. He tries to keep active, but obviously can’t overdo it. I am sure your son will get into a routine too. He just has to be more cautious about cuts, and bruises etc.

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      8. Yes, the info you shared was most comforting. It’s easier to comprehend from another with actual experience versus searching online which often offers up worse-case scenarios. Thank you, Di. 🙂


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