Childhood Belief

A person such as I, with 50 percent Irish ancestry tends to associate finding

a four-leaf clover with good fortune.

The first three leafs represent faith, hope and love. The fourth is said to bring


These four leaf clovers are quite rare although if found in a clover field the

likelihood of discovering many more is quite high.

The above is due to what is called genetic recessive mutation.

For twenty-five years the floral bed I maintained in front of my Gambrel-style

home contained a clover patch.

My youngest daughter was thrilled to find the clovers with four leaves – gems.

I don’t know if good fortune followed as one has to consider what’s truly

important in life – ALL the blessings.

Many were picked – many were ironed and placed between pages of books.

To date I enjoy belief in traditions and sad to read pessimistic posts with

regard to them.

Sensationalism Sells Newspapers

Years ago I enrolled in a nightly Journalism course offered by my area’s local


Two editors – two classes – one night each week – seeking freelance writers

This wasn’t my first nor last class in Journalism; however, it was the cheapest

one – price ‘FREE’. I learned a lot about how sensationalism sells newspapers.

Today amidst the world of high tech each morning people worldwide are able

to access the internet and with a click of their mouse select articles to read or

second option trash.

Since blogging my vocabulary increased tenfold as daily new words appear

before my eyes, words never seen before.

Today’s word of the day was ‘endemic’.

As one can spend endless hours utilizing their computer then walk away in

sheer frustration, I carefully pick and choose what to read based on article


I then scan the paragraphs since the majority of journalists take forever to

make a point.

Sadly, the newest vocabulary word spoken by my country’s highest paid

Federal employee didn’t exactly leave me with an optimistic impression.

Endemic defines as a state of existence where the population faces living forever

with a virus circulating at low levels while only on occasion causing severe illness.

In a different news article I read the FDA’s (Federal Drug Administration’s)

statement how the country’s health status by early June will have changed

dramatically BETTER.

There are times I feel simillar to a high school student seeking facts – info for

a long-term assignment.

If you are in my age category you’ll remember usage of index cards,

hand-written notes.

Tis much easier now surfing on your computer screen until if lucky you find the

correct hyperlinks or YouTube videos.

I wonder what portion of the country knows who is listed as the highest paid

Federal employee.

Shocking, his last stated salary in year 2019 was $18K more than the President.

Interesting information.

As with politics I shall keep my personal feelings to myself as I deem it unwise

to share neither negative opinions nor feelings.

Too Much To Learn

Four years ago when I started my blog I took the suggestion to connect

it to several branches of social media as this method was said to gain

more followers and better overall exposure.

This scenario didn’t happen – number of faithful followers grew

slowly and truth ‘yes’ I found it quite disappointing.

I wasn’t about to purchase followers as to me that’s a cheater’s way

of getting ahead.

The constant changes, the stored passwords disappearances, plus

weekly laptop and cell phone updates became a source of distress.

I thought about quitting blogging period.

In January to my dismay a challenge I participated in prior years

changed its format. Thoroughly disinterested I chose not to

commit myself.

I wondered if I’d ever return to this hobby and then I learned

of a local gal with two published poetry books experiencing

the same lack of interest in daily writing as I.

Phew! A sign of relief for me.

Reflections on my life’s tenure show a gal who despite some rather

terrible odds chose to continue to forge ahead.

I’ve never been a quitter only too much to learn

and lacking assistance became a bit overwhelming.

Time for a hiatus!

Did this former perfectionist self-sabotage her achievements

when about to reach a higher degree of success or

did she sadly become an emotional victim to the worldwide

predicaments beyond her control.

Those who suffer from depression still wear a smile most days.

I’ll know more once I chit-chat with my primary doctor next

week on a Zoom-type connection.

Now for a little questionnaire:

My score ranks quite low – laughable since folks state how you should

refrain from the word ‘never’.

Country gals (I’m one) don’t share these interests rather am happy

NOT being superficial.

I asked myself if I should’ve done this / that and the honest

answer is ‘NO’.

JusJoJan – Day 4


I managed to copy this year’s image and find a new pathway to post it here.

If correct, I believe it’s okay not to stick to a specific topic. Rather than research

directions under dim light I opted to wait for a day with bright sunshine.

Thus today’s contribution is about my early morning personal computer


After taking my 1st med of the day (Thyroid) with a full glass of water I’m

not supposed to eat for the next 30 minutes so the medicine can work its’

magic while thinning my crop of used-to-be thick hair, a most wonderful

side effect.

In the past I’d access my computer and lose track of time. Afterwards I’d

experience a gnawing gut feeling – aggravation at myself for not paying

better attention to the clock.

To rectify this situation I chose to mark the start time and shut down after

30 minutes no matter what site my mouse pointer was set thereon.

It’s called discipline!!

Today I scanned news articles on my homepage and settled for one which

within its’ title incorporated the words ‘greediest state in America’.

The fun began . . . LOL

One would think the answer would be at least at the end of the news article.


Another link to ‘most dishonest’ followed by ‘loneliest’, ‘most dangerous’,

‘most party-friendly’ (drunkest state) and I stopped at ‘most promiscuous’.

With allotted computer time nearing end I backtracked. I couldn’t believe I’d

missed the pictures below the articles.

Then I plain laughed at myself as the answer to the first article was divulged to me.

Done – not yet.

I figured I’d place the question of ‘what’s the most’ followed by the info I desired to

learn in the search engine.

Bingo! Immediate response(s).

One more question OMG I don’t know where this thought found its’ way into

my head.

Dare I ask for an answer. Uumm!!

‘What brand of toilet paper does a certain politician use?’

Refraining from names here.

To my surprise his picture is on rolls of toilet tissue and wipes for sale online – no

bargain price though.

The 30 minute session ended with sheer laughter – a gag gift – a loo roll – a most

hilarious novelty prank present.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Dump on ______________________ (fill in the blank).

Laughing out loud again.

#JusJoJan prompt the 1st – “Fingertips”

New Year’s Resolution 2021

As each year begins people everywhere make countless well-intentioned


Some are the same old ones and others brand new.

A member of the women’s club to which I belong had a new suggestion – one

ne’er seen, heard of nor thought about before.

She came up with a brand-new idea – ‘What to NEVER’ do again.

Creation of an “ANTI-BUCKET LIST’.

Thus rather than create a list of resolutions (most which doubtful most continue

for a lengthy period of time) let’s create a list of not-to-dos.

We ladies thought our friend’s idea (although different) was both interesting and


Now tis time to think of Top 10s.

Hoping my list will create lots of chuckles.

I can’t wait for we ladies to share our thoughts.

Laughing out loud as I type this – already idea good for the soul.