Too Much To Learn

Four years ago when I started my blog I took the suggestion to connect

it to several branches of social media as this method was said to gain

more followers and better overall exposure.

This scenario didn’t happen – number of faithful followers grew

slowly and truth ‘yes’ I found it quite disappointing.

I wasn’t about to purchase followers as to me that’s a cheater’s way

of getting ahead.

The constant changes, the stored passwords disappearances, plus

weekly laptop and cell phone updates became a source of distress.

I thought about quitting blogging period.

In January to my dismay a challenge I participated in prior years

changed its format. Thoroughly disinterested I chose not to

commit myself.

I wondered if I’d ever return to this hobby and then I learned

of a local gal with two published poetry books experiencing

the same lack of interest in daily writing as I.

Phew! A sign of relief for me.

Reflections on my life’s tenure show a gal who despite some rather

terrible odds chose to continue to forge ahead.

I’ve never been a quitter only too much to learn

and lacking assistance became a bit overwhelming.

Time for a hiatus!

Did this former perfectionist self-sabotage her achievements

when about to reach a higher degree of success or

did she sadly become an emotional victim to the worldwide

predicaments beyond her control.

Those who suffer from depression still wear a smile most days.

I’ll know more once I chit-chat with my primary doctor next

week on a Zoom-type connection.

Now for a little questionnaire:

My score ranks quite low – laughable since folks state how you should

refrain from the word ‘never’.

Country gals (I’m one) don’t share these interests rather am happy

NOT being superficial.

I asked myself if I should’ve done this / that and the honest

answer is ‘NO’.

8 thoughts on “Too Much To Learn

  1. Can we have minus scores? I wore high heels in my 30s but not now, and own a pair of boots, pair of trainers, pumps, garden clogs and slippers, don’t wear makeup, live in joggers and tees, haven’t been to a hairdresser in years, never had manicures or pedicures, had my legs waxed once in my twenties (OUCH!!!), what you see is what you get in hair, nails, skin and eyebrows. Blimey. Guess I’m easy maintenance then! (and like it that way!!!)

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    1. Minus scores – LOL I scored 5 if I can count heels from years ago. My dyed hair (daughter is hairstylist) has near 2 inches of gray since I won’t go to the house (kids there concern due to my age). Thinkin’ ahead of short and gray (natural). I think we both are low maintenance.

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