Photo Challenge # 368 – Hands

picture credit ~ Natalia Drepina

Daytime turns darkness night

Cemetery iron gates closed and locked

As visitors of loved ones return to their homes

Deceased inhabitants begin to stir within their graves

Stealthily countless hands penetrate freshly mowed grass

Sounds e’er creepy unknown heard scare late night walkers

Void of flashlights unable to capture a pic or quick view all

Passersby disturbed flee scared to death an understatement

Unseen shaking to and fro hands those gone before us

Participating in nightly ritual private dance unimaginable

No invitations nor R.S.V.P. s sight unseen prior to initiation rites

Sorority members this group reserved for those led life via guiding light.

10 thoughts on “Photo Challenge # 368 – Hands

      1. Yes Di moving forward. If I wrote under a pseudonym I’d likely tell my story. Thru a
        new friend who led me to a 12-step program
        unknown to me I found the last of 2 answers
        in my personal puzzle. I decided to put it to rest as it serves no purpose to open up the can
        of worms. Unfortunate for me the knowledge is my cross to bear.


      2. Hi Di…Yes, you’ll see more posts from me. I can’t promise daily; however, I shall try my best to write a few for now. I did re-up for another year. πŸ™‚


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