News Article of Concern Read Earlier This Morn

Prior to breakfast a news article from a reputable source peaked my interest.

I was shocked!!

This article was the first one I’d read on the topic of the Covid-19 vaccines

failure to produce antibodies to those taking immunosuppressive medications.

Following are a few notes ‘not verbatim’ rather hits or miss jots of information.

To me they are a major concern since I’ve been under treatment for two

of the top 10 out of 100 on the list – one for near a decade.

I’d no prior information on the topic read; however, I did note studies have

been in progress for average time period of three months.

Written was how “Millions of Americans might not have adequate response

to the vaccine.”


A few actual case histories were discussed in length.

Imagine a person taking the two-dose Pfizer’s vaccine plus one dose J & J and

results of their lab blood work showed ‘no detectable’ antibodies.

The reports were from major sources and top hospitals so undoubtedly this read

wasn’t one of fake news nature.

The last few months I stopped allowing my good morning mood soon turn into a

bad one after accessing and trying to make sense of all the negative news

found on social media..

Perhaps I’d miss prior info. I’ll never know.

A statement of interest was how now
since the above discovery the major

agencies are advising people against checking for antibodies while a

minimal amount of people ‘so fearful’ entered into unchartered territory and

opted to get an extra supplement.

In my locale masks are no longer required in most places and as hideous as it

sounds it appears we’re operating on an ‘honor’ system.

12 thoughts on “News Article of Concern Read Earlier This Morn

      1. I had an appointment with my endocrinologist yesterday and he told me to keep on taking my immunosuppressant and get a booster dose of the vaccine when it becomes available.

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      2. It’s interesting to read info on how physicians in other countries proceed with their patients. My primary asked me about the vaccine, I discussed the story about my oldest daughter’s plight within in her fairly short life with regard to mandatory vaccines and booster shots which thru research I learned could have played a part in the development of her disorder. The doctor listened, understood and made a comment about my wanting to wait and see if a multitude of
        vaccine recipients turning into zombies. Later when I thought about it I wondered to myself why she didn’t push for me to take it since so many previous visits I was asked about flu shots, mammograms (which supposedly not a requirement after age 71) and other meds and had to sign off that I refused the tests and medications. As always a conundrum. πŸ™‚

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  1. Hubby and I have had both of our jabs now but we still mask up. Some locals had some side effects from the first jab, but nothing at all from the second. Apart from feeling tired and me having very cold feet after the first, the second gave us no problems whatsoever. Ours was the AstraZeneca vaccine and whilst we accept it is not a cure, we at least have some protection against the severity of COVID should we contract it. Hubby is on blood thinners so shouldn’t develop blood clots anyway, and I’m on post cancer meds, neither of which were a concern when we had the vaccinations.

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    1. Glad to read positive news. As with all meds some will have side effects. I feel for people who had no medical issues prior to being vaccinated then developed serious ones and worse case scenario to read was how a few passed away. Unbelievable is the best word I can offer up to what has happened the last year plus. I’m happy to hear you and hubbie are doing okay and now being vaccinated allows you both a bit more freedom. The idea to still mask up is definitely a good one – less chance of catching germs from sick people who as in the past refuse to remain home. Sad the well-known fact certain individuals have no consideration for other than themselves.

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      1. Living in a holiday resort and surrounded by caravan and holiday parks, visitors are plentiful, extremely selfish and inconsiderate. Our supermarket shelves are stripped by midday so if we want any shopping, we go further afield, but even then it’s busy and we mask up and keep our distance. At least we are having more field trips again.

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