Simply 6 Minutes Challenge

First glance of the pic led me to believe this animal species could possibly be the

Vietnamese Orangutan ‘Pongo hooijeri’, an endangered species.

At second glance I took note of the creature’s facial features and oh the long nose

of the rather ugly animal would define it as an ant eater.

An anteater specializes in eating insects.

Although this one is quite gigantic I could’ve used a mini-one earlier this morn.

My urge to pee was greater than my urge to stop the black carpenter ant

(a nervous wreck) made himself at home touring the vanity walking on

numerous personal items.

Void of a long-handled weapon, helpless, I had no choice other than watch

the segmented bugger.

Adamant that ant would soon meet his maker, upon arising after washing my

hands I was on a mission to stop him dead in his tracks.

Success, one less carpenter ant!

Word count: 147 to 150 (if this is inaccurate, blame it on the block editor – tough time.

8 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes Challenge

    1. You too?? A few years back I had a problem with them in the apartment. A trip to the local hardware store and purchase of ant traps hopefully will stop them. Along with the ants and the record heat came drain flies in my kitchen sink. It appears there’s never a dull moment. Thank God for wisdom and the occasional trip to the hair stylist to cover up the gray hairs. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


      1. We have a problem with ants every year. The hot weather brings them out and once they find a way in, it’s war. Our front gate was alive with them this morning. We’ve used boiling water now on runs we can see. Once we have some rain, it won’t be so bad, but until then, we’ve got a fight on our hands.

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      2. An ant war – love your visuals. πŸ™‚ Yes, it seems the scouts arrive on scene and once they find a good food source invite all their friends. I purchased ant traps and pray they prevent further annoyance. Let me know how you make out (win or lose) the battle. πŸ™‚


      3. We’ve puffed all under the kitchen units today and it looks like a snowstorm, but its what we did last year and seemed to keep them out. Neighbours all round us are also having problems.

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  1. Thanks for participating! That nose serves a purpose? I have been watching a lot of zoo shows with my father but have never seen anything about the Vietnamese Orangutan. I will have to look that up!

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