How to Handle Stress in Healthy Ways

When you’re feeling anxious (my case when not) a good idea is to take a time-out.

I’m not exactly certain to what extent this thought will affect me in coming days;

however, I feel the need to try something different.

In with the new – out with the old.

This week I spoke at length long-distance with my oldest granddaughter.

She hasn’t had an easy life since her Mother (my daughter) departed from Earth.

The month of June is tough for us as we experience an array of emotions unknown

and foreign to those who’ve never lost a parent or a child.

An interesting comment she made to me was in regard to ‘positivity toxicity’.

Here for years I’ve been reading self-help books and trying to understand people’s

actions and in the end feeling a bit numb.

Could it be possible that too much of a good thing isn’t exactly the most healthiest


I thought about her words.

Too much sodium isn’t good for high blood pressure patients; too much sugar isn’t

wise for a diabetic.

And I’m beginning to reflect on the possibility that trying to hard, caring too much,

reading and listening to comforting words does little to curb what I’ve been

experiencing on the inside these past years.

Words – words – words!!

Then I Googled ‘Toxic Positivity’ and found that ‘yes’ there is such a belief.

Defined as: an obsession with positive thinking, people should place a positive

spin on all experiences — even those profoundly tragic.

Wow – what an absurd thought pattern.

5 thoughts on “How to Handle Stress in Healthy Ways

  1. Hi June,
    I am sorry for your loss and can appreciate the emotional roller coaster. A parent is not expected to outlive their child, but having lost both of my parents now, it does leave a void, though I can honestly say I have a lot of happy memories that have helped ease the loss to some extent.
    Dad passed away in 1996 and sometimes it feels like yesterday. Mum joined him in 2018 and that seems like years ago, though with dementia, we lost a little more of her every year.
    Interesting concept, ‘toxic positivity’. I’ve had some shitty things happen in my life over the years the same as most people, but after I’d learned to accept it, I managed to turn it round somehow. We were lucky to find Humphrey and Dick so quickly, and I am still here to speak of it.
    In the 80s, I learned a lot about myself after my breakdown, and rebuilt my life, so I wonder if I qualify? I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with positive thinking though, but I am pretty good at self analysis.
    Good to see something from you.

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    1. Hi Di…Yes, I certainly ride that emotional roller coaster. One of the hardest and cruelest experiences is to outlive your children. You grieve for all that they missed out on while watching their friends live out their lives. To me the terminology ‘toxic positivity’ resonated with brainwashed into thinking if I say this / that is wonderful then it will be. It’s not the reality of how the world turns. Needless to say I’ve thrown the most recent self-help books I purchased and read in the trash. I’m done.
      You appear to have a healthy attitude about life, processed your past and rebuilt from there and ‘no’ you aren’t obsessed with positivity.
      Thanks for your concern and kind words.
      It’s a blessing to have virtual friends who care.
      Now I think I’ll try to concentrate on learning the editor (procrastination didn’t pay off). 🙂


      1. Don’t blame you about ditching the books. I’ve found some subjects are written about that the writers have never experienced.
        I must admit I have found the blogging community extremely positive and supportive on a number of occasions. Always here if you need a friend.


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