Three Things Challenge No: 659

Today’s words: type – beginning – escort

Let me sit and think a bit how to use the above three words.

Uumm – the silent type – timed writings typed words (usual stuff)

Currently looking at the most recent pop-up window informing me

of when or if I should plain click restart now to install another

update is beginning to turn up the heat and not via the thermostat.

In order to remain sane I may have to once again follow guidelines

or opt to become a new statistic ‘unglued’ and ‘in need’ of a local

technician to escort my laptop for unforeseen repairs.

Chuckle! Chuckle!

Definitely love those random intrusive thoughts – could be I’m bored.

4 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge No: 659

  1. Damn Windows 10 mucked up my laptop yesterday with an update we didn’t want or ask for. We couldn’t stop it either, despite all updates being switched OFF! Got it sorted in the end, but it took a couple of hours to sort through the rubbish and reset things.

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    1. I can relate to your frustration, Di. W10 is constantly updating and each time creates
      quite a bit of havoc for users. To think W11 will soon be here (matter of time). It’s tiresome when we have all in order and then it’s uprooted. Today I wanted to change a portion of a sentence in my blog post and it cost me 20 minutes to figure out how – first it was deleted then block editor wouldn’t allow me to retype it. I’m beginning to wish I’d never re-upped for another year. One step forward and two steps backward (not a happy camper for certain). 😦

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