National French Fries Day – July 13th

Oh dear, I missed the celebration!

I have to admit that it’s difficult to keep up with the times.


Most calendar days are ‘special’ for something only all are not

considered federal or state holidays.

Today I learned a bunch of fun facts about one of my favorite

fast food items, ‘French fries’.

Although by the nationality name before the ‘fries’ one might

assume their origination was French, their existence was traced

back to the 17th century in Belgium.

They actually were substitutes in the Belgium diet during winter

months for fried fish which was unavailable.

From Europe their popularity spread worldwide.

I wonder why this special day doesn’t claim title ‘International

French Fries Day’.

Today’s most popular fast food item was introduced to the

United States by President Thomas Jefferson.

Americans consume 30 pounds of potatoes per person per year.

(twenty-five percent ‘25%’ made into French fries).

They are served with burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, subs, etc.

Usually fried although sometimes baked different countries refer to

them via distinct names.

US = French fries

French call them ‘pomme frites’.

Belgium = Belgium fries

UK one should ask for an order of ‘Chips’.

Spain refers to them as ‘patatas fritas’.

Some countries call fries ‘finger chips’.

Served with the usual ketchup, salt and vinegar is how I prefer

to enjoy my French fries.

Although the designated day to celebrate French fries has

passed, it’s never too late to indulge in one’s favorite fast food.

6 thoughts on “National French Fries Day – July 13th

  1. Last chips I had from the local chippy which had changed hands were soggy and stale (probably the day before’s) which we threw away and never went back. It would appear that other locals experienced something similar and thus it is only holidaymakers that use it now. Funny enough you don’t see the same people there twice……………….


    1. Hi Di, Soggy chips are usually due to the grease fried in not being changed often enough. Stale too = OMG (awful experience). In my younger days I used to cook fresh fish & chips (fresh potatoes sliced) every Friday. Those fries were delicious. Now on occasion I opt for McDonald’s. 🙂


      1. Haven’t been to a McDs for a while. These chips were the previous days and warmed up. We’ve never been back. I’ll cook wedges at home or sliced boiled potatoes and saute them in the frying pan.

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