Three Things Challenge: #685

Today’s words: injury – most – romantic

For weeks the happy couple anticipated this romantic

evening, a candle-lit dinner at one of the local expensive

5-star restaurants.

Tonight was the night they’d celebrate their first wedding


Young, their faces glowing, enjoying a sparkling champagne

toast painted a most beautiful picture of a loving couple.

Unknown ahead . . .

Within minutes all would soon fade replaced by visions

of foreign gray matter, the beginning of the dinner spoiler.

When appetizers were served the young man was

shocked to see several somewhat strange-looking particles

floating atop his steaming hot bowl of chicken soup.

The couple stared at the foreign ingredient. Those minute

pieces didn’t melt nor sink.

Perhaps he should have taken his wife’s suggestion and ordered

the restaurant’s fresh house garden salad.

Although no injury from what now appeared be referenced

contaminated appetizer the man suddenly experienced

loss of appetite and stated ‘no thanks’ when the waitress

brought the already ordered main course.

Poor smiling waitress met with a short-tempered patron.

‘Oh dear’ were her words as she ran off to the kitchen.

Once notified of the situation, the restaurant owner

acted in a most reputable business manner offering up

an apology plus free meals for the couple’s celebration.

The man suffering from a bout of queasiness decided

to cut the evening short.

What a sour note experience!

How unfortunate carelessness of another is the culprit

to spoil such a beautiful occasion.

6 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge: #685

  1. Good story June. I remember sending a steak back to the kitchen because it stank. It was brought back to me minus several ‘samples’ from the kitchen staff and I was told it was fine. I left it, and the restaurant without paying. The restaurant was closed a month later by the health authority, and it was nothing to do with me!!!

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    1. Thank you, Di. My mini-story was influenced by an article I read early morn of a popular restaurant’s recall (certain lot numbers) of one of their popular soups due to discovery of a minced up rubber glove. Your story about the steak OMG and understandable you left without payment. That restaurant met with its fate due to incompetency. Tis sad the lengths some owners go to and how they fail to admit mistakes.

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