Truthful Tuesday: August 24th 2021

Today’s question:

If you live somewhere that it’s essential to own a vehicle for day-to-day

living, if public transportation where you live were to suddenly be

improved to the point that it became a viable alternative to taking your

own vehicle, would you still feel the need to own a vehicle? On the flip

side, if you do live where there is decent public transportation, do you

still find it necessary to own a vehicle?


In 2009 I moved back to my hometown. My apartment complex is

located a few blocks from the last house I shared with my parents.

In comparison to the ‘now’ times public transportation was more

accessible back then and I recall days, months, years of taking the

bus to work (even two of them at one point in time).

Owning my own vehicle allowed me more independence with the

time schedule throughout the years; however, since I don’t drive

long distances nor every day the expense of owning a car may

outweigh the cost of public transportation.

I’ve given thought to leasing a vehicle which would cut my

yearly vehicle budget.

Recently I learned the town provides a service of a mini-bus

to local stores and for a $10.00 fee to cover the price of gas

a volunteer will drive you to out-of-town doctor’s visits.

I’m still pondering thoughts and options for upcoming year 2022.

5 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday: August 24th 2021

  1. We did an exercise with running 2 cars against public transport. With the places we worked not being on a direct bus route and those that came close didn’t run on a suitable time table, we calculated it was actually cheaper to run both of our cars! We only have the one now, but judging by what we’ve heard for bus fares, having the convenience of our own transport is still cheaper.

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    1. That was an excellent exercise in comparison transportation. I have no idea the fares for public buses (certain much higher than years ago). One does lose their independence to some degree relying on others, another factor in decision making for older folks. One vehicle is all you ‘two’ need which helps with car expenses

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