Smiles are Contagious

When I arrived at the crossroads of self-assessment, I felt

relieved as though I’d finished another fun aerobics class

or conclusion of one more session with my personal


In retrospect I remember my gym days especially due to

the fact my combo instructor – personal trainer was a

loved family member, my youngest son.

Five to six days per week after classes I overheard an

enormous amount of positive chit-chat from women

in the locker room ’bout their favorite instructor.

‘Women of all ages love a handsome man with a good


Hilarious to me was how the title role ‘Mom’ had been
given to another with graying hair, an assumption.

Although class participants knew Mom showed up on a

daily basis, they never inquired as to which older woman

was actually the instructor’s mother.

For months my son and I played out this ‘unknown truth’

scenario quite well and then the unexpected happened,

true revelation.

Some ladies were quite embarrassed due to descriptive

adjectives spoken betwixt them in conversations and

thought it necessary to apologize to me.

Smile! Smile!

Reflecting back my thoughts were:

  1. I’m thrilled you ladies love my son.
  2. Your hilarious comments weren’t offensive to me.

We all shared a good laugh!!

Twenty-four years ago he decided to follow his dream.

His move overseas left me filled with mixed emotions.

The past month when amid my exercises on self-love

I learned it was okay to feel both happy and sad about

his relocation.

Some decisions a parent has to often unwillingly accept.

For me acceptance changed to acceptance with gratitude.

8 thoughts on “Smiles are Contagious

  1. What a lovely post June! I can imagine the surprise when they realised who was ‘Mom’.
    My nephew is a trainer and health/diet advisor. He owned a couple of gyms and is doing very well for himself from what I can understand. He was voted NZ’s most eligible bachelor about ten years ago, and I was so proud to know him!!

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    1. Thank you, Di. Yes, the group was quite surprised by the revelation. A wonderful read with regard to your nephew. A thought: if I googled that info do wonder if his pic would appear. 🙂 Kidding aside with the new year comes the practice of not walking on eggshells in conversations. I’m practicing LOL 🙂


      1. Do you mean prompts? Yes, those too as time allots. I don’t wish to whine ’bout single life; however, it can be tough. Here’s an example: yesterday snow was forecasted for today and low on bottled water I had to force myself to drive to the supermarket. My locale is labelled red zone (everyone is becoming ill) at present time. This morn I discovered I’d brought in only one package of water thus no choice other than get dressed in appropriate clothing and go out to the car in case of snow accumulation.

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