JusJoJan ~ Jan 20th

Today’s word prompt: looking

The past few days I’ve been looking for opportunities to supplement

my income. 

I was flabbergasted when I read about the success of a 19-year-old

who currently is earning big bucks from a crafts business she started 

little over a year ago.

Yes, twas hard for me to comprehend since during my tenure of life  

I’d dabbled in the same Hobbie. 

Bravo to the young lady from the UK!!

Me? I shall continue looking and conduct research in hopes of a

last chance at success.


2 thoughts on “JusJoJan ~ Jan 20th

    1. True words 💯 I had my own business before. This time I already have the craft supplies (a plus) so already will start with little supplies expense. My last goal in life was to place author after my name. I sat with my thoughts and realized as much as I enjoy blogging the likelihood for that dream to come true at my age I consider unattainable. It’s just me facing reality and I’m okay with my decision.

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