Student’s Academic Performance

Three R’s education . . .

Reading, writing, ‘rithemetic

Three basic skills taught in schools.

Modern technology allows a parent

access to their child’s performance two

different methods ~ hand-held card plus

view report online.

Once upon a time students with poor

grades in order to avoid punishment

would sign a parent’s name to the back

of their report cards.

Remember when:

7 thoughts on “Student’s Academic Performance

    1. That’s great, Di. 🙂 Unfortunate for me all is loss ~ only memories. I had a fun time this p.m. with WP. I checked my app and my posts weren’t showing – ‘classic editor’ not fully supported. I wonder why that message didn’t show up when I published a few hours previous.

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      1. So far I can still use classic editor, but I;m using a laptop as it;s the only computer device I have. Maybe that makes a difference. Good to see the posts coming in from you. Have a great evening.

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      2. Thanks, Di I guess ‘all’ is not loss on WP. 🙂 I post from the laptop ~ just happened to check on cell phone and well twas an ‘unwelcome’ surprise and then I had to try to fix it. Perseverance!

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