JusJoJan ~ Jan. 24th

Today’s prompt: unbelievable

Life is constantly full of surprises.

Yesterday morn I decided to fancy my toast.

The resemblance to a ‘Toad in the Hole’ was

an easy option – breakfast for one.

  1. with a spoon you make an indentation in the 
    center of a slice of bread
  2. place in toaster (of course)
  3. spread butter around all edges of toast – not the middle
  4. place jelly in the center

Then the ‘unbelievable’ happened – an OMG moment.

The entire bottle of a well-known brand of grape jelly 

preserves unbeknown to me had turned to liquid. 

That was the end of the idea that resembles ‘Toad in

the Hole’ recipe. 

Toast with butter is what I had to settle for ~ no Sunday morn treat.


10 thoughts on “JusJoJan ~ Jan. 24th

    1. Thanks Di for the explanation. I used to make the egg – toast one only it went by some other name. According to my lab report I’m supposedly allergic to egg whites. I was trying to be creative 😂 substitutions.


      1. No idea 🤷🏼‍♀️ Results of lab work (cost near $1,000) showed allergies (egg whites and dairy products) yet okay to eat foods my throat closed on. Last time my doc suggested wheat products to help lose more weight and lovely another incident. Maybe time for me to see a specialist. I’m late ⏰ today with posting and catching up on replies. My area hit the jackpot as a winter storm of great magnitude is going to begin at midnight and last for 24 hours. = up to 2 feet of snow – wind chill temps plus 40 to 60 mph winds – strong potential for power outages.


      2. Thanks Di. Yes, weather is certainly within the definition of winter. The frigid temps are forecast for most of the upcoming week. I lost power for ‘four’ hours and the apartment started to get cooler and cooler. Brrr!! Ever-so-thankful for the power to return. With regard to diet, out-of-nowhere I experienced a bad reaction to tuna, then chicken, then crackers. The whole situation is baffling to me. Maybe the next doctor can make sense of these strange occurrences with food = a mystery.


      3. I’m breaking down from Ageism. Yes, the problem needs to be addressed further. A passing thought down memory lane was one day after taking the same one-a-day vitamin for years with my orange juice I became nauseous. The tuna a popular brand (although product of Mexico) and the chicken was from the rotisserie at the local supermarket. Never know what is in the food we consume these days. I figure if it was a blockage then NO food would pass. Hopefully, I can find an allergist local and no months of waiting period. I miss my regular foods ~ eat mostly vegetables / little meat.


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