Three Things Challenge #864

Today’s words: dare – fare – stare

A father, tired of his supposed troubled teen,

made the decision to send his son up north

to live with relatives.

Before leaving the bus terminal he bid his son


The naive teen made a huge error in judgment

when he sported his wallet filled with six months

of saved wages from a part-time job.

An unkempt man, a con-artist, stared prior to

stealthily approaching the kid with a request if

possible he could spare a few bucks for a meal.

When the unsuspecting teen opened his wallet

the man snatched the young boy’s cash then

fled the scene.

Although shocked how someone dare play such

a nasty trick the teen somehow managed to stay


He was thankful the fare for the long bus ride

ahead had already been paid in full.

Fortunately, he still had pocket change and

was able to purchase some vending machine

snacks to tide him over before arrival at his