42 Words ~ No:247 ~ flummox

weekend prompt: flummox = to confuse, to fluster, to flabbergast

Tired social media ‘we’ – no hugs two years led to decision renew

membership dating site.

Immediately, an influx of likes – messages.

One flummoxed me – status ‘separated’.

Response from automatic red flag, (drama):

“My wife and I have an agreement = no interference.”



The Sunday Whirl No: 539

Overnight freezing rain fell
Cat litter dumpster toss smells

Best shot purchase H2o body warm dress
Short walk local store road conditions mess 

With hesitation proceed walk middle iced peaks
Mounds melting snow similar water main leak

Brief reprieve from off ‘n on overhead vibrating
True facts tenant weekends heard to floor nailing

Unknown device cut chances e’er peaceful night’s sleep
Brushed hair walking zombie self-think methods count sheep