Truthful Tuesday ~ February 7th 2022

What hobby have you put aside recently or completely?
Answer: sewing and quilting

Question: What made you set it aside?
Answer: a touch of arthritis – vision problems

Has another taken its place?
Answer: I’ve resumed crocheting with hopes of re-opening my eBay

Is it a brand-new hobby or something I did in the past?
Answer: When younger, I taught myself to crochet from a Simplicity
pattern. I crocheted hats, scarves, mittens, ponchos, afghans,
home decor items, presents for my children’s friends and on
occasion gifts for family members.

Since I already possess the wherewithal, own the tools needed plus
a few storage bins of yarn all that was left was the decision on what
items to crochet.
It was off to Pinterest in search for a few simple ideas to sell – no big

Most of my fabric has been sold, donated or trashed. Next comes the
the decision what I wish to do with my two sewing machines (one in a
specially designed cabinet and one a portable) plus a serger, cutting
table and oodles of threads, notions and quilting supplies.

For me the season of sewing which lasted four decades has come to
an end.
Sewing saved me a ton of money in early years when fabric purchases
were much cheaper. In later years I sewed dancewear and one-of-a-
kind outfits on request to supplement my limited income.

Affiliate marketing lies ahead and either I incorporate it into my blog
or blog whenever I find some spare time.