Three Things Challenge No: 870

Today’s words: star, bar, jar

I watched the romance musical ‘Coyote Ugly’ several times.

In my opinion the star of the bar award goes to actress

Piper Perabo who played the role of an enthusiastic

songwriter, a newbie to New York City, who a bit

reluctantly became a ‘Coyote’ at a women-run bar and

managed to win over her fans nightly filling up the tip jar.

Poem-a-Day: Ghazal ~ Fear

Dysfunctional childhood life disguised
Abandonment, worse fear realized

Summer months temperature extremes
Farmers’ crops ruin, worse fear realized

College freshmen choose party nightly
Results mid-terms, worse fear realized

Consequence cell phone constant habits
Battery drained; worse fear realized

Interruptions day’s preparedness
Failure June post, worse fear realized