Sunday Poser #67

This week’s question:

“What are your thoughts about Valentine’s Day?”

2022 – year decision refrain selection and purchase overpriced
greetings cards

2022 – year alone no ‘special someone’ with whom to celebrate

this special occasion

2022 – year I take pleasure in wonderful memories with hope
for better days ahead

Valentine’s Day Cards:

When I was a kid, elementary school years, students exchanged
cute Valentine cards. Our teacher encouraged us not to omit
any classmate (give 25 = receive 25).

I think that was ‘fair’.

In teen years we became selective whom we wished to surprise

and practiced drop off at our special friends’ lockers.

I shall refrain from feigning marital bliss ~ no longer do I wish to

discuss ‘anything’ ’bout when I carried the title, ‘Mrs.’

December’s self-care journey opened my eyes real wide to the

world of the people-pleaser who in the end was screwed over.

Today we live in a world of ‘entitlement’, one so foreign to me.

Two years of Covid-related issues has taken its toll.

Beautiful cards are way too expensive.

There’s more concern ’bout the cash denomination held

within and little regard for the chosen sentimental words.

Thus, for the first time since childhood days I made no

Valentine’s Day purchases.

I wonder if that makes me a ‘Negative Nancy’ or a woman

who deals in the ‘World of Reality’?

17 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #67

  1. One of the reasons I started making my cards was because the ones available to purchase were too mass produced, had little in the way of verse or were tacky. Although I use kits sometimes, they way I put them together is always different.

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    1. Yes Di, there’s few cards to select from for many occasions and the cost is too high. I think tis great and a fun hobbie ‘card-making’. The closest I ever came was a one-day workshop in Scrapbooking. The only person I purchased a card for was my daughter whose birthday is on the 16th. The actions of others in the now world of entitlement I find bothersome.


      1. Yes, Wow – my oldest daughter would have turned 56 in August. Time flew. Being a Mom was the greatest contribution I made to this world. I set ’77’ as my check-out number. 🙂 I’m not enjoying these aches and pains.


      2. I’m 66 this year and the youngest of four. My brothers are 80 and 78 this year and my sister was 70 last September. Your birthday is a few days after mine I believe. That’s a lovely picture of you for your gravatar.

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      3. Ah you are younger than I. I can remember age 66 – lots changed since then. The Pandemic took its toll on me both emotionally and physically-guess that’s difference a few years aging makes. Thanks for the compliment on my avatar. Many people don’t place a picture (even a younger one) and you should see the men on dating sites in search of the perfect younger women only they still have their same pic from 2010. They must have purchased anti-aging pills 😂😂


      4. Ha! That is so funny about guys on dating sites.
        Maggie is my avatar and that won’t change, but there are a few pics of me here in my blog.
        Covid has been more of an inconvenience than anything else and I think that’s because I’ve got Hubby and I’m not on my own. Our neighbour believed because she was 70 she had to stay indoors and this has played hell with her anxiety when she could have gone out on walks or to do her shopping becuse she was fit and healthy. Our government has confused everyone from the beginning and it is just getting worse as they are telling us to ‘Live with Covid’ and that’s that.

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      5. Mornin’ Di,
        Yes it’s truly hilarious about the men. In six years they forgot to update their photos. 😂 Others practice a different tactic (post old photos first followed by newer ones). Maggie as your avatar is a lovely reminder of Love.
        As in your country the government and social media has created an unbelievable mess with regard to Covid. It would have been much easier on me if I had a live in friend.
        In my state the mask mandate in schools will be non-existence come February 28th. Uncertain ‘bout restrictions in markets, restaurants, etc.
        And so it seems we will be living amid an Endemic. I feel bad for the kids who missed out on proper education, socializing and those once in a lifetime events such as proms and graduation.
        Best wishes for a good T-day. 😊🌺

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      6. Hi June,
        masks are still required in most of our shops, but other restrictions have been lifted. We shall continue to wear ours and keep our distance anyway.
        I think those who live alone have found it hardest with the pandemic, not being able to get out or have anyone to bounce ideas or concerns off. Several people in our road have lost their partners over the last couple of years, not to Covid, but old age or other illness. We are lucky in that we live in a friendly community and people look out for each other.

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      7. Sorry about the delay in reply 🥲 Yesterday was the first day following an ice storm that roads, etc were clear. I paid bills, dropped them off at the Post Office, dropped a week’s plus of laundry to be picked up this afternoon. I also did groceries since was low on bottled water. When I finally had a chance to sit at the computer I noticed the high wind alert already in place. I chose to take an early shower before darkness. New guidelines and rules with some objections. Unless there’s another wave (🙏 not) I believe the governor has left decisions up to businesses and individuals. For safety precautions I too will continue to wear mine in stores. I agree it’s been tougher on those who live alone. Humans need socialization not hibernation.


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