A Tibetan Proverb ~ Truth

December 2021 – personal self-care journey

I admit reading plus journalizing exercises with 100%
honesty was actually beneficial.

January 2022 – participation several 30-day challenges
One assignment was to minimalize clutter on all social
media platforms.

I admit I was a little wary of this newfound idea and its’
possible repercussions.
This too proved beneficial.

I now prioritize and budget rather than waste time ’bout
so much. Rarely do I allow myself to download photos.
This morn I made an exception and decided to share a
stored memory from this day 2017.

All credit for the following Tibetan proverb goes to:
‘Power of Positivity’.

“The secret of living well and longer is to eat half,
walk double, laugh triple and love without measure.”

When I posted above, I was in a state of newfound bliss.
Sadly, my happiness would be short-lived; however, I
still believe in the basic truth of this parable.

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