Six Sentence Stories #204

This week’s prompt: harmony

Tis said ‘a sincere – heartfelt’ apology will make
bad family vibes disappear.
Ever wonder percentage humans agree with
person ‘can do no wrong’ analogy.
Ponder victim’s long-range emotional mindset.
Albeit the inference scores 100 percent different.
Whenever human values lines crossed tis best
to do what you feel is best for you.
Refrain from persistent scrolling on social media
and swear off comparison (both major sources of
energy dissipation
) instead sincerely attempt
reintroduce harmonic state, evoke good memories.

One Liner Wednesday: March 16th

Today’s prompt:  ‘chilly’

Twas a bit chilly and downright foggy for my 7:00 a.m.
automobile adventure this morn to the medical center for
lab work and I was thankful I’d made the decision to wear
a hooded sweatshirt underneath my jacket as this time of
year in my region of the US the weather is often finnicky, a
reason not to rely solely on the weather app’s temperature.


Day one excess stress
Digital app not access

Decision deletion done
Danger heretofore fun

Darkness everywhere
Digital expansion sphere

Daft behavior so mindless
Drama teenagers relentless

Disorganization headspace create
Discord wiser older prefer self abate

Different routine schedule afternoon stroll
Divine weather forecast state beach tranquil

SoCS: March 12th

This week’s prompt: ‘trip’

Today I was making progress in my minimalism
process with the overwhelming number of folders on
my computer screen when:
I inadvertently tripped a switch which took me back
down memory lane and up popped a forgotten
program containing ‘personal archived’ documents.

Bummed out, burned out for the past few days I couldn’t
force myself to write ‘anything’. I felt like the power of
words deserted me, disappeared altogether.

I’d asked myself why from time to time I experience this
The answer points to certain posts I see on social media,
(news articles and a few personal ones).

I decided both of these are ‘toxic’ to me and today I have
yet to access either. Brownie points earned!!

After breakfast I read the document on my PC screen. It
brought back nice memories and also reinforced recent
thoughts on the definition of true friendships and how
they are such a rarity in today’s society.

I read line after line of notes taken and then words ‘integrity’
combined with ‘breathtaking beauty’ appeared with regard
to a high school classmate who’d ventured north in search
of a simpler life and created a booming engineering firm.

At the time he’d messaged me, he was widowed and suffering
from the debilitating disease MS. His residence was a nursing
home with most beautiful scenic landscapes.

For most, day-to-day life in a nursing home void of family members
local would be a most depressing prospect. This man chose courage.
Never once did he complain about his situation and he continually
kept a positive attitude.

During good weather he’d seek a sunny spot outdoors taking
advantage of life’s surrounding beauty while confined to his

He never let on the seriousness of his progressive illness.

I had no idea until nearing the end of his life his method of
communication to the outside world was solely through head

He (more of a stranger than family) kept in touch sharing
nice messages with a small circle of hometown friends.

As I read over my notes, I still remember the day he sent me
a new release from my favorite Australian country music artist.

Imagine a man with a disability found time to brighten my day.

Fake friends are easy to find. Many folks know you when all is
fine then suddenly forget you when your life becomes tough.

Was my tripping across these notes a message heaven-sent
from a departed loved one not to break boundaries to ensure
another likes you.

Food for thought!!