Ageism ~ Slow to Catch On

Downside of fame burns
Price ahead protection pay
Writer pseudonym 
No more trust you-uns kind words
Sad learn hackers – predators


Although I have my blog on ‘approval needed’ lockdown, 
I never realized potential for harm via connection with
other branches of social media. 

It’s unfortunate, I’m faced with a new problem which
requires my examination of writing under a pseudonym, 
a fictitious name, a practice used by writers and movie stars. 


Simply 6 Minutes ~ March 1st

Am I dreamin’
Before me stands a lovely imaginary vision
An elephant wearin’ monarch butterfly ears
No, tis some artist’s vivid picturesque creation
A mammal and an insect sharers same ecosystem
Single similarity betwixt them both members of
animal kingdom
If local zoo raised its’ admission price, friend
would you pay extra for the chance opportunity
to snap a picture
of a two-to-seven-ton elephant parading around
with monarch butterfly ears, wingspan three to
four inches.
I guess my answer would be affirmative only I
have a gut feeling this is another photoshop picture.

Word count: 93